Thursday, July 27, 2006

Comic-Con was Awesome!!!

Sorry it's taken me this long to post about Comic-Con but it's pretty much taken me all week just to rec0ver. First off thanks to my booth partners Jose' Lopez and John Nevarez along with my Whaleboy partners Ed Acosta and Taesoo Kim. It was so great to put faces to all the Blog names that came by too. Thanks to everyone who came by and picked up my book. I hope you like it. Thanks to all the amazing artists that I got to hang with that continue to inspire me and all my friends who came out to support me.

see you next year,

p.s. I got to start posting more often.


ronji said...

can i order the new book online?

love you.

Brian Growe said...

Very cool meeting you in person sir, your book is awesome too!

The Laughing Chimp said...

It was great meeting you again, your 2nd book is as great as the 1st one. Your artwork is a constant inspiration for all of us. My wife loves the Whaleboy print she bought.
Thanks for your time and patience with all your fans.
Hope to see you again sometime.
Best of luck!

St John Street said...

Hey Pat glad to hear that u had fun down their my friends said your a real kool kat wish I were there to met u also maybe inthe future the new book looks awesome congrads with the con take care!!

tony trujillo said...

Thanks for taking a few moments to chat with me at the con!! best of luck with your current and future gigs!!

boob said...

Patrick -

Same to you mac! I had such a great time at the convention and it was a pleasure meeting you! There were so many great things to see and distract me - I'm glad I was able to finally put a face to your blog! And whatta guy - you even remembered some of my own work after I left you one of my own books!

Thanks so much for the continued inspiration! I hope to return next year and I'll be sure to say "hi" again!

Take care!


PS - the Whaleboy maquette/toy proto was so great! The 3D translation seemed completely faithful.

joto said...

I got to see your book and it looks quite nice. with 2 books out your well on your way. good luck with the book and waiting for book number 3!!

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ggsoulsister said...

Yah after I went to 2 studios last friday, i am still exhausted from that! But I was estatic!!