Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Here's a quickie of Wolverine. I colored him in Photoshop.


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Kactiguy said...

This is a really great Wolverine. I like the looseness of it all. Great job.

Claude Bordeleau said...

WAOOO! Amazing job! I love the movement!

The Monkeyking said...

Just be careful of the crotch area.
It seems to be a recouring theme in your work. :)

But fantastic stuff as always.

Taesoo Kim said...

Hey, good to see another character.
Great pose.
Like to see more.
by the way, i just signed up at blogpost.
no drawings yet.

Mark McDonnell said...

What up man!!!

Nice stuff as usual.

Gotta keep up with the Jones', so:

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